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Vision and Mission


The Agency’s vision is to be an effective, sustainable development-oriented implementing institution that facilitates growth and development of the Slovenian economy through its activities in the fields of entrepreneurship, technology, innovation, foreign direct investment, internationalisation and promotion of the Slovenian economy and Slovenia.


The Agency’s mission is to be an active player in the business environment and ensure the competitiveness and promotion of the Slovenian economy. The SPIRIT Slovenia public agency strives to become an institution that – in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and other stakeholders – offers Slovenian companies effective and comprehensive support for development and promotion on the global competitive market.The Agency will realise its mission through the linking of knowledge and competencies from all key, inter-related areas, which represent a pre-condition for the competitiveness of the economy, with the objective of increasing added value, creating quality jobs and building long-term competitiveness.

The Agency realises the objectives of strategic orientations and target areas of the development programmes of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia through the efficient implementation of development policy measures and the continuous monitoring and evaluation of effects. It renders its services according to the one-stop-shop principle as it merges all of the key activities required by companies at all stages of their lifecycles under one roof.