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Enterpreneurship, Innovation, Technology Development

Strategic goals

By connecting different stakeholders of the support environment and promoting the development of its services, we are creating an environment in which enterprising and innovative individuals bring their ideas to fruition, which leads to successful market realisation.

Through implementation and development and the support of promotional activities and cooperation in designing various media contents, we raise the citizens’ awareness of the importance that entrepreneurship wields in the realisation of the citizens’ development potential, thus contributing, in the long-term, to the increase in new jobs and the growth and development of companies.

We produce expert studies for the responsible drawing of EU structural funds within the scope of the new financial framework 2014–2020 and draft proposals for new measures aimed at the promotion of innovative companies and the transfer of knowledge between scientific and research institutions and the economy. By establishing international cooperation and formulating proposals for the continuous implementation of effective measures to support successful competitive national projects, we facilitate greater competitiveness and improved support to the Slovenian economy.

Events for the promotion of entrepreneurship organised by the Division for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology

The Slovenian Innovation Forum ( ) has established itself in the Slovenian environment as the most visible business event dealing with the topic of innovation andis organised as a two-day business event. The purpose of the Slovenian Innovation Forumis to search for and realise entrepreneurial and innovation synergies at the national level by including all key players in the innovation environment, such as excellence centres, competence centres, development centres of the Slovenian economy and the support environment for entrepreneurship and innovation. We simultaneously use the event to establish active entrepreneurial networking with concrete business effects. The event features several promotional activities, an intensive media campaign and promotion of cutting-edge Slovenian innovations abroad.

The European SME Week ( ) is a campaign by the European Commission that takes place simultaneously in 37 European countries. SPIRIT Slovenia, as the national coordinator of European SME Week in Slovenia, is working closely with the representatives from the European Commission in Slovenia as well as other institutions within the scope of the support environment so as to ensure efficient organisation of the campaign. The aim of the project is to bolster the recognition of entrepreneurship as an opportunity for boosting employment, improving the detection of entrepreneurial intent, promotion of entrepreneurial activity and business networking, as well as the strengthening of the positive image of the entrepreneur in the media.

Information portals and handbooks

The Entrepreneurship Portal (Podjetniški portal – ) is an important tool for the communication of key information and contents in the area of entrepreneurship. Via this portal, we offer useful information in the area of entrepreneurship for potential entrepreneurs and companies in all phases of their development (Idea/Start-up/Development/Growth).

The portal features a free-of-charge weekly e-handbook, the "MSP – Moj spletni priročnik" ( ), which is intended for micro, small- and medium-sized companies.

The Newsletter reaches approximately 50,000 subscribers weekly and contains thematic sections such as public tenders, legislation, business opportunities, business events, etc.

The portal for the innovative, "I have an Idea" (Imam, directs and facilitates the intertwinement of the entrepreneurial, innovative, international and financial environments. Substantively, it comprises domestic and foreign information in the field of innovation and competitiveness as well as information on domestic and foreign public tenders.

Support environment for companies

Within the scope of the Division, we coordinate activities and monitor the implementation of the tasks of support environment institutions. Within the scope of the e-VEM one-stop-shop points, we provide quality, free-of-charge and locally available comprehensive support solutions for the promotion of entrepreneurship. Via the university incubator services, we provide support to innovation-oriented entrepreneurial ideas up to their realisation as well as to existing innovative companies. By supporting activities in the area of technology development and innovation, we boost the economically successful innovation activity of the private sector, which is the foundation for the growth and development of society and is based on technologically demanding products with higher added value. We promote the transfer of technologies, technological development and innovation in public research organisations.

The agency’s involvement in international projects

The Division is also actively involved in international projects in the area of innovation, which the Agency has obtained in public tenders of various European programmes (bilateral agreements with Austria, Croatia and Italy; the Central and South-East Europe Programme; the Seventh Framework Programme; Leonardo da Vinci and INTERREG IVC). The decision to engage in projects is adopted based on certain priority orientations of Slovenia that are laid down in transnational programmes and based on priority contents of the Agency’s development strategy.

By getting involved in international projects, the Division develops and complements the services in the area of entrepreneurship and innovation, and builds the network of domestic and international ties between various stakeholders. The partnership database comprises more than 180 organisations that we work with on various projects.International projects are aimed at the transfer of knowledge between various stakeholders and the development of the Agency’s new services in the areas in which we wish to support primarily companies, but also other organisations:

  • Intellectual property management
  • Consulting on the engagement of companies in EU programmes
  • Identification and promotion of technological areas that are of key importance to Slovenia

International projects in which the Agency takes part: AATT, FINNO, VIBE, CLUSTRAT, KBBtrans, IP4SMEs, DIFASS, S-LIFE, FLAME, CEEM, FIDES, EVLIA.