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Succesful Slovenian Supplier Day in Munich

| Internationalisation and Foreign Direct Investments

Slovenian Supplier Day was held on June 2nd at BMW Headquarters in Munich. 19 Slovenian suppliers presented their automotive innovative technical solutions/products to establish or strengthen manufacturers of luxury vehicles in the world.

The event was set as organized presentation or as 'house fair' of Slovenian suppliers and manufacturers;presentation of their components and gear, VIP meetings with member of management board and heads of purchasing departments. Fair also held an opportunity for informal networking.

The event was hosted by Public Agency SPIRIT Slovenia with Ministry of the Republic of Slovenia for Economic Development and Technology, Automotive Cluster of Slovenia with support of Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Germany and Consulate of the Republic of Slovenia in Munich.

SPIRIT Slovenia and partners hosted and organized similar events since 2013, for example in October 2103, they held similar presentation of Slovenian manufacturers at Škoda Auto and in 2014 Slovenian suppliers days at FIAT,AvtoVAZ, Russian Togliatti and at KIA in Slovakia. First Slovenian Supplier Day took place on 28th of February 2013 also in BMW in Munich where 13 Slovenian companies were presented.